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"Darren Williams is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the United States. We have hired trainers throughout the country and seen the differences in the results. His success is predicated on his overall training of the entire athlete, combining nutrition, strength, speed and agility work and an overall conditioning program which makes an athlete perform at his optimum level."

Debra V. Jennings, Agent ProVision Sports Agency

"As more importance is placed on pre-draft performance, we must find qualified strength trainers to improve our "rookie" client's ability to perform at the NFL Combine and their Pro-Day workouts. From talking with our clients, we believe Darren is the right man to continue to train our athletes. Clients such as Fred Smoot raved about Darren's techniques and ability to communicate with each athlete individually."

Zachary Hirsch, Agent Ultimate Sports Management Group

"The training I received while working with Darren really helped me to develop sound fundamentals and improved my agility and game speed. The training he provided has helped me throughout my career. Darren's training techniques are like nothing I have ever experienced. I highly recommend him as a sports performance and strength coach."

Vincent Young, Quarterback - Tennessee Titans, 3rd overall draft pick (2006)

"I asked Darren to help improve my performance in recreational sports activities. Not only has he done that, but with his assistance I feel stronger and better conditioned, and more confident than ever before. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable trainer to train you in a particular sport, or just improve your quality of life, you cannot make a better choice."

Owen M. Sonik, Attorney at Law

"Coach Williams' high moral character, as well as his ability to communicate with the young athletes in a positive and motivating way is as important to me as a parent as his knowledge of the sports performance and strength and conditioning skills that he teaches."

Kenneth D. Baugh, Attorney at Law