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Program Design:

The first step in program design is to find out the specific needs of the client. This is revealed through an initial interview and most importantly the performance assessment. The results of the assessment and issues discussed in the client interview are used in the program design. All programs are designed for the individual to ensure optimum results.

NFL Combine/Pro Day Programs:

This program is designed for athletes who are preparing for the Combine or a college pro day. It is a very intense program that covers all aspects of the on and off field requirements of these events. All of the training is one-on-one with Coach Williams to ensure every detail is addressed and the athlete is prepared both mentally and physically.

This program includes but is not limited to:

Speed development (40-yd. dash) Lateral Quickness Agility and Plyometrics Strength and Explosiveness Position Specific Drills Combine Drills and Test Performance Nutrition Dartfish Video Analysis Wonderlic Test Preparation

Transitional Programs:

The Transitional Training Programs are designed for athletes making the transition from high school to the college ranks, or junior varsity to varsity. As athletes prepare to compete at the next level, they need a training program to ensure their successful progression.

Athletic Development Programs:

The Athletic Development Program is designed to help athletes develop the necessary strength and skills to be successful in their chosen sport. This program stresses establishing a sound functional foundation with emphasis on learning correct weightlifting techniques and the principles of dynamic balance and agility.

General Fitness Programs:

General Fitness Programs are designed for the non-competitive athlete and clients that desire a healthy, active lifestyle. A variety of training models have been utilized to train clients, ranging from sedentary adults, business professionals, brides-to-be to Police Chiefs. These programs are designed to challenge and educate the client while they work towards achieving their fitness goals.

Video Analysis Programs:

Video Analysis Programs are unique training tools that can be used at any point in the athlete's training. Using state-of-the-art Dartfish Video Analysis software, the training session can be viewed and analyzed during the workout. This allows the athlete to have instant feedback. The video can measure angles, distance, and trajectory, and can be copied to DVD format and given to the athlete as a permanent training tool.